Cuccolini Srl New CEO

Ms Katia Motta is Cuccolini Srl new CEO.

She has been working with Cuccolini Srl as Strategy Manager since July 2018, with the objective to increase sales within the non-ceramic equipment division.

Following the Company’s consistent turnover increase within those markets, during 2020 she has first been appointed General Manager and has taken care of the comeback of Cuccolini Srl as indipendent supplier with our new Virto Ceramics brand.

In December 2020, the Board of Directors has appointed her as CEO.

Ms Motta is backed by a 20-year long experience in the bulk handling industry.

“Change is a constant sign of our times, and this is also involving our presence in the ceramic market. Cuccolini Srl has a new brand now, to inaugurate a new path, which our team is willing and happy to go along. I am sure that our Customers will be happy to find us back and to restore a direct relationship with us!” – these are her words just after the appointment.